Services & information about Scandinavia / Nordic countries

The Nordic people love to travel and have done so for over 40 years. They are globetrotters and explorers, and are constantly looking for new countries and destinations to enjoy. It is not unusual for them to travel more than twice a year.

After more than 20 years’ experience in Scandinavia and the Nordic travel industry we have established a wide contact network with Tour Operators and Travel agencies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The founder of Remarkable Destinations Kerstin Klang, has worked as a tour operator in the high-end-segment for 20 years and she has gained a superb and deep knowledge in destinations as Southern Africa, Indian Ocean, UAE and EuropeShe has travelled extensively and frequent to obtain her skills and knowledge and to keep herself updated on new and exciting developments. On all trips she has made over 300 site-inspections in hotels, lodges and resorts on the above mentioned destinations.

Our sales and marketing services in Scandinavia and the Nordic region for our partners:

  • Access to Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

  • Representation with personal visits at the Tour Operators and the Travel Agencies

  • Sales Calls to key-staff and sales training at Tour operators and Travel Agencies

  • Evening events for the Sales staff at the Tour Operators and agencies

  • Arrangement and organizing educational tours for the sales staff at the Tour Operators and the Travel Agencies

  • Represented on our web page as selected partner with links to your own web page

  • Opportunities to increase travel from the Nordic region to your country, destination and/or your hotel, resort and lodge

  • Marketing plan and follow up each month or when requested

  • Representation at Trade Fairs in the Nordic region

  • Access to a dedicated and a hard working representative who is monitoring the Travel Industry in the Nordic countries

  • Travel Trends  - what’s up and what’s next? You will be prepared and updated and may adjust your services when needed

Information about the Nordic market - Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland
The Nordic countries have a total population of about 25 million - approximate population in millions: Sweden 10 million,  Denmark 5 million, Norway 5 million and Finland 5 million. The high level of disposable income in the Nordic region, combined with a relatively cool climate with a long winter period, resulting in a significant percentage of international holidays. The minimum annual holiday allowance is six weeks.

The Nordic market, is the third-largest outbound travel market in Europe. Travellers from our region spend are amongst the highest spenders in the world, ahead of both Germany and the UK. Research has also shown that Nordic travellers spend 90% more than the average European tourist on food, accommodation and attractions.

Most Nordic travellers first consider destinations that offer a warm climate. Other factors that influence destination choice included cultural experiences and good deals. Nordic travellers want cleanliness, active holidays, restaurants, unique travel experiences and shopping.

Family groups tend to select destinations that are child-friendly, safe and allow for shared and active family experiences.  Often, this market books four- or five-star. Empty nesters are often wealthy and take longer holidays, seeking out unusual experiences and active trips.

Nordic travellers tend to visit only one country at a time, spending between 8 and 14 days there, with the peak season running from October through to April. 80% of requests are for four-star hotels itineraries featuring beach, sun and time to relax are the most popular.